Fish-Baja (Battered and Fried) or California (Seasoned and Grilled) Style

Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Octopus

Battered and Fried Oysters


Grilled Carne Asada

Grilled Chicken

Carnitas Confit

Grilled Veggie


Our signature Taco Taquiza is a must try! Two deep fried tacos filled with creamy mashed potatoes

and salted fish go great with our house made guacamole or any of our salsas.

Our seafood tacos are filled with fresh pico de gallo, shredded cabbage, chipotle crema and our daily made salsas.

Our carne tacos are topped with onion and cilantro and your choice of our hot or mild salsa.

Veggie tacos are a medley of red and green bell peppers, onions, roasted corn, Mexican cheese and our salsa.


Seafood burritos come with your choice of our whole black or refried pinto beans, cilantro rice and all the taco toppings.

Carne burritos come with beans and rice as well as onions, cilantro, salsa, and our house made guacamole.

Veggie burritos are filled with beans, rice and everything included in the tacos.

Bean and cheese burritos come with your choice of beans and salsa.


Tazon is the Spanish word for bowl and ours are served with all the makings of a burrito, but without the flour tortilla.


Our Shrimp and Fish ceviches are prepared with fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro in a marinade

of citrus juices and come on two tostadas that are topped with freshly sliced avocado.

Our Octopus ceviche is served warm with slightly grilled red and green bell peppers in a marinade

of garlic and cilantro with tostadas and freshly sliced avocado.

Try them individually or in a mixed Ceviche Taquiza combination!


A refreshingly chilled, slightly spicy tomato broth filled with chopped tomatoes, onion, cilantro, cucumber and your choice of Shrimp, Oysters, Octopus or a combination of the three. All cocteles are topped with freshly sliced avocado and served with two tostadas.


Mexicana- Black beans, pico de gallo, and queso fresco cheese are served atop

a bed of crisp romaine and a side of our creamy chipotle dressing.

Pepita Avocado- Fresh avocado, roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sliced red onion and cucumbers top

a bed of spring mixed lettuces and is served with our lime vinaigrette.

Ranchero- Romaine lettuce is topped with roasted corn, queso fresco, scallions, our house made chips, and

a roasted tomato and jalapeño along with our creamy chipotle dressing.

Add seafood, carne or veggies to any of our salads for an extra charge.


Our quesadillas are filled with melty Queso Oaxaqueño and your choice of Seafood, Carne, Veggie or Mushroom. 

Choose between two six-inch corn tortillas filled with cheese or one twelve-inch tortilla folded over. 


A marinated and grilled shrimp plate accompanied by sides of rice and your choice of beans.

A chico bean and cheese burrito.


House made chips and guacamole

Cilantro Rice

Whole Black or Refried Pinto Beans


Corn or Flour Tortillas


Imported Beer



House made Aguas Frescas